At a crossroads in my life, my Father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I did not know then, this was the beginning of my journey from the pain into the joy. In order to cope with the affect the disease was having on my Father/Mother and family, I searched for a way to contribute. I began raising money for the research of MS at UNC-Chapel Hill. In doing so, I learned that many families of persons who have MS and other illnesses incur unexpected expenses. I donated some of the money I raised for research to this cause. In soliciting funds I was asked, what organization are you with? After being asked so many times I considered forming an organization that would raise money to support the cost factors of MS and other diseases. I wanted the organization to be a recognizable force for the community, assuring that if contacted, we would make every effort within our means to be of assistance. I also wanted the organization to set a standard of excellence in giving back to the community, promoting the developmental enrichment of youth and coming to the aid of individuals, families or groups in need. This could be accomplished through singular efforts or collaboration.

Thus, VIRTUE, Inc. was born.


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